▫︎ A sprint design lasting 2 weeks.

▫︎ One designer (me), three developers.

▫︎ Figma + Adobe Illustrator.

What's the issue?

The current job application process for software developers requires submitting a resume, completing a coding challenge, and an initial phone screening before moving on to interviews (or some variation of this). Recruiters rarely see a project unless candidates have linked a personal website or Github profile.

Initial strategizing and questions early on (left). Notes on research of developer's versus technical recruiter's journey in the job application process.

Where does HackerStat come in?

Developers can have a way to present themselves as a whole (human) picture without worrying about being filtered out by not having a top tech company listed on their resume.
Users are able to integrate their projects from various apps and social media into a consolidated online profile.

Desktop designs of the profile and dashboard in both dark and light mode. (Click to enlarge).

Hashing out the MVP

We focused on prioritizing specific features because of the time constraint. These included the dashboard, profile page, and specific integrations (Github, Gitlab, Wakatime, and Medium).


Midfi and Early Designs

Mobile Prototypes

I played around with making the site responsive for future considerations. Technical recruiters can review prospective candidates on the go comfortably. (No more zooming in and out on resumes and PDFs).


Decomposing the hashtag into an 'H' for Hackerstat. Brackets were used to symbolize syntax used across different coding languages.