You can call me Olivia. I’ve been assigned to Operation Planet Reset. My mission: improve life on Earth.

I know what you’re thinking: “what? that’s it?” And yes, there were specific instructions that I could have read the whole thing before leaving home. Yes, I could have read it on my way here too. But what good natured alien would I be if I didn’t only remember I had a whole brief to read as soon as a new atmosphere engulfed my engine in flames? So yeah... that’s it.

I thought I could wing it but Earth and its inhabitants turned out to be much more complicated than I had imagined. Nevertheless, I’m having fun building on my understanding of humans and how I can help them. To gather information as quickly as possible, I’m currently taking on the technology industry as a User Experience Designer at Moonraft. I still got a whole lot to learn about this world, but for now, it seems like I’m making okay progress through this tiny box.


You’re totally exposing yourself. How are you undercover if you’re wearing your identity out in the open?

My research has found that humans are very skeptical and distrusting. No one believes what you say, especially if you’re very adamant about it.

How did you get into design (as an alien too)?

Everything this little box I received not stole! You should be viewing this on a little box too so start opening these smaller boxes here.

What are aliens into?

Human meat... kiddinggg :)
I love human activities: anime, manga, webtoons, hiking, r&b, beach-ing, basketball, anything. I’m very regular.

What kind of projects do you want to work on?

Any project where design is used as an intentional influencer on bringing about positive change in human behavior or this society. To me, the most relatable humans are the ones who reflect on their morals, ethics, and the state of their surroundings. I think these humans tend to feel differently towards their environment, which makes it easier for them to see possibilities of change. And how could I not ponder change and difference when I’m a pea among carrots?


Linkedin: @olivia-cheng-designer
Instagram: @chougoudi